10 Mar 2017

Asphalt shingles are a tried and true roofing material with a long shelf life, and they can last for years when installed by a professional roofing company in Columbia SC. But if your roof sustains storm damage, or you notice rot, mildew, moisture, or algae within your shingles, you may need to consult reliable roofing professionals. Neglecting the upkeep of your roof can cause serious long term problems, including leakages and fungal growth that pose environmental hazards for the occupants of your home. A beautiful shingle roof can drastically improve the curb appeal of your home, and you can preserve its quality for many years if you notice these early signs of shingle deterioration:

1. Loss of Shingle Granules

Loss of shingle granules are a sure sign of roof wear. Granules make up the shingles’ protective coating, and helps to keep them sunlight and weather resistant. The loss of granules over time increases the vulnerability of your roof in extreme weather conditions. Without consulting a professional roofing company in Columbia SC for regular roof upkeep, you could have a leaky, concave, or mildewed roof within a matter of years. If you want to check for signs of shingle damage, simply inspect the insides of your roof gutter. If you notice an accumulation of granules in the trough, you should call a roofing company in Columbia SC to examine your roof for structural damage. Don’t forget that granule loss can lead to roof leakages and structural damage, which create serious occupational hazards within your home. Act on granule loss right away!

2. Blistering 

Blisters are pits within the shingle’s asphalt surface that arise because of extremely hot weather. However, blisters can also result from manufacturing defects. Either way, if these pits fill with water and overflow, the resulting moisture can cause the roof to sag. Therefore, administering prompt cosmetic care to fix blisters is vital to preserving the life of your roof. In seasons with abundant rain and snow, a roof check-up to remove blisters, or ensure that they haven’t caused any excess moisture, is certainly a good idea.

3. Curling

Curling is the most common cause of asphalt shingle roof failures. If you notice that your roof shingles are literally curling at the edges, stay off your roof and call a roofing company in Columbia SC immediately. Curling means your roof has sustained so much damage from excess water and extreme weather that it’s in danger of collapsing. When shingles curl, leaks are never far behind. Amateurs and aspiring home improvement enthusiasts should avoid fixing curled shingles themselves, as less than immaculate work can result in irreparable damage to your roof. Instead, call serious professional roofers to handle the situation.

Roof replacements can be costly, but they can easily be prevented with proper roof maintenance. Regular check-ups from a professional roofing company in Columbia SC ensure that you catch signs of asphalt shingle deterioration before it becomes a serious home improvement issue.

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